Are you shopping for a gift? Select complimentary gift wrapping at cart. Or add a premium gift box and card and we'll wrap and write your personal note for you. We're here to make gifting easy.

Are you shopping for a gift? Select complimentary gift wrapping at cart. Or add a premium gift box and card and we'll wrap and write your personal note for you. We're here to make gifting easy.

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby's First Christmas!

Ready or not, the Christmas season is officially upon us. It's such an amazing time for so many reasons, but it's especially magical dreaming about and deciding what to gift the beautiful Little Chiefs in your life.

I remember my firstborn's first Christmas. He was only 8 weeks old at the time but there was something so special about that first Christmas together as a family.  I absolutely cherish the photos and memories from that very first family Christmas and I'd like to think that our son will look at those photos fondly and know how much he is loved and how important our very own family traditions are. 

So whether you have a fresh baby in your arms, like we did on that very first Christmas, or you have a little babe who is about to turn 1 the week after Christmas,  rest assured that we have the perfect gift for Baby's First Christmas. 

Baby's first christmas is the perfect time to gift something beautiful, of great quality, that will be used through the first year, well into the second and beyond! Think incredible wooden toys, classic books, and keepsake or heirloom inspired pieces.

Whether it's your baby or someone you love's, know that these beauties will be treasured for for a long time.


1. Olli Ella Dinkum Doll

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby’s First Christmas!

 These soft bodied beauties are bound to be your babe's best friend. Boy or girl, a dinkum can be whoever your babe wants them to be. Coming with their own sweet little shoes, nappy and clothing, these dolls will become your babes best snuggle buddy and part of the family! Washable, adorable and absolutely loveable, you'll soon find your bub won't want to be without their Dinkum Doll. 

2. The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie 

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby’s First Christmas!


A gorgeous classic book is always a treasured gift (you can never have too many books in my opinion) and any gift that encourages parents with little ones to slow down, be present and soak up their little one are great! othing encourages that more than sitting down and reading to your bub. The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie.

You can check out our range of classic books here.


 3. Ever Earth Bamboo Rocking Horse 

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby’s First Christmas!

Good old fashioned fun with this classic rocking horse from Ever Earth. This rocking horse will keep your little babe entertained and will look beautiful in their room or the living room when not being used. Help them ride the horse while they are smaller, and in no time you'll be marvelling with pride as they rock away by themselves! 

 4. Wooden ABC Blocks

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby’s First Christmas!


These wooden blocks make a beautiful gift while providing amazing educational benefits as your baby grows. While your baby is young, they will be mesmerised by the different patterns, colours and shapes of the blocks themselves. As they develop, their engagement with the blocks will too, and you will find your child use them for stacking and sorting (and developing fine motor skills, coordination, balancing and logic) among many other things. 


5. Ever Earth Activity Station 

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby’s First Christmas!


This Everearth 7 in 1 Activity Station is the bees knees, offering 7 traditional activities in one beautiful, sturdy piece. Endless hours of entertainment, interaction and fun to be had with this Activity Station.

 6. Wheely Bug

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby’s First Christmas!


Your little one is going to love the Wheely Bug! It's a ride on, it's a walker, it's just super fun! They're also cute, practical and safe. The Wheely Bug is an amazing toy for your babe's first Christmas. Safe for weight upto 25kg, these super sweet additions to the family will be around for a long time! With many adorable animal characters to choose from and great functionality (these can do a 360, go forward, backward, side to side), these will make a memorable gift that will also grow with your child! 

7. Plush Toy

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby’s First Christmas!


A gorgeous plush toy such as one of the OB Designs Big Hugs softies (pictured) or a Jellycat make a wonderful gift for a little babe. Comforting and fun, your little babe will love having a gorgeous soft toy to cuddle forever. Be it a dog, a bunny, a teddy or something else, we have plenty of soft plush toys that are not only cuddly but so sensory and delightful for little hands! 

 8. Wooden Tortoise Shape Sorter

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby’s First Christmas!

Ok, this little guy is just so cute! Your little one will not be able to resist playing with this adorable wooden shape sorting toy which will keep them intrigued for ages. There is a little lid to lift up and get the 5 different wooden shapes from. Not only cute, this toy helps to develop hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, spatial thinking and shape recognition skills. 

 9. Rainbow Cloud Walker 

The stunning Rainbow Cloud Walker from Petilou by Le Toy Van is a really practical and fun gift. Sturdy and strong and with non slip rubber on the wheels, this walker will help your little one stay steady when they learn to walk. They will also have endless fun building and stacking with the vibrant rainbow coloured blocks! The base of the walker has puzzle image so when they are old enough, they can match the shapes like a puzzle. The walker also doubles as a little wagon for the many other treasures that they will love to push and pull around all day. After all, everything is a treasure when you're little.


10.  Natural Pyramid Stacker

Christmas Gift Inspiration: Baby’s First Christmas!

Our Natural Pyramid Stacker makes a  beautiful gift for a special little person in your life. It's an heirloom quality handmade wooden toy that will be cherished by your little one and will be able to be passed on from one child to another. 

Don't be fooled by its natural finish, little ones LOVE these as they provide a subtle opportunity for them to exercise their senses through play. Touch – wood so soft from beeswax and botanical oils sanded perfectly smooth, soft to the touch. Sight – natural colours of various types of wood.  Smell - close your eyes ... smell the wood. These come in their own cotton bag in a gorgeous paperboard box.


Well, there you have our Christmas Gift Inspiration for Baby's First Christmas! Remember, we have many other options in store and online, and are only too happy to help. We can offer suggestions if you need more help based on your specific budget or situation so don't hesitate to reach out!  


Most of all, remember that the single most important thing that babies need is YOU, present in their life, and that is greater than any gift you can ever buy them. So no matter what you choose to gift them this Christmas, remember to be present whenever you can, not just at Christmas... but all year round. 


Happy Christmas!


Bek & the Little Chiefs team