Naturebubz - Breathe Silicone Necklace (Various Colours)

Colour: Black

Nature Bubz® have been designed to fit in with your lifestyle: to be easy-care and modern and to tie in with every one of your outfits - from office attire to yoga pants (hey - no judgement here!)

Silicone beads are:

• soft
• durable
• easy care
• resistant to the growth of mould and bacteria

On your choice of durable, high tensile nylon/satin blend cord with a breakaway plastic pop clasp, or on gorgeous high quality stainless steel chain - in either traditional stainless or genuine rose gold plated.
(*are you a new Mum and have a baby that's likely to tug your necklace? Cord with a breakaway clasp is probably your best choice!)

Please note: due to Australia wide reclassification these items are no longer referred to as teething jewellery or sold as such - this applies to all retailers nationwide. Please see our FAQ's for more details.

Happy Shopping!

** this item of jewellery is NOT a toy. Designed for ages 3+