Natural Rubber Soothers - Twin Pack


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Why Natural Rubber Soothers?

  • Natural Rubber Soothers contain No BPA, No chemical softeners, No parabens, No PVC, No Phthalates.
  • extremely hygienic because they are molded in one piece, meaning no joins or cracks in the natural rubber soother for dirt and bacteria to accumulate in.
  • large shield that touches baby’s nose, providing closer simulation to breastfeeding and prevents babies from squeezing the soother into their mouths
  • do not leave marks on baby's face
  • soft, flexible and easy to wash and care for
  • extreme durability
  • excellent pull-and-tear resistance
  • environmentally friendly disposal (silicone soothers are made from oil based materials and are a non renewable resource)
  • non-static properties - latex does not attract dust
  • The Natural Rubber Soother is a green product as it produced using a sustainable raw material, the tree sap from the rubber tree used in these soothers is grown and made in Malaysia.

Natural Rubber Soother Safety  

  • All Natural Rubber Soothers meet the Australian Safety Standard for soothers, code number AS2432-1991/2008.
  • The Natural Rubber Soothers are also made to conform with the Pacifier Safety requirements by European standard EN1400.
  • The Natural Rubber Soothers are also tested by the internationally renowned company SGS for both compliance and also for traces of nitrosamines (proteins that can cause an allergic reaction to latex). Nitromsamines are eliminated during production of the The Natural Rubber Soother, making them one of the safest soothers on the market today

How to care of your Natural Rubber Soother

Natural Rubber Soothers should be boiled in water for 2 minutes (and allowed to cool) before first time use. Afterwards they should be cleaned on a daily basis. Natural Rubber Soothers will slightly change colour during use. Natural Rubber Soothers should be replaced every 8-12 weeks (depending on frequency of use) with the age appropriate size, if you and your child still need the additional support a soother can provide.