Multi Dew Drop Amber Necklace


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Genuine Baltic Amber Necklace are a popular alternative for natural teething relief. Baltic amber is said to have healing, calming and anti-inflammatory properties activated by the warmth in your child's skin. Baltic amber is a fossilized plant resin and is very light weight. Amber necklaces can be placed on your child from a time you feel is safe and appropriate, and will fit most children still at 5 years old. And they are gorgeous! Available in mixed and dark honey beads, boy and girls look super cute with amber beads.

Each bead on your amber necklace is securely tied and a safety clasp holds the necklace together. Safety information below and additional information in next tab.

It is recommended that parents should use common sense and

  • Always supervise their infant/ child when wearing an amber necklace
  • Remove the necklace when their child is asleep or unattended
  • Not allow their child to chew or pull on the necklace

You might like to combine your amber necklace with:

Some babies produce additional saliva during teething periods and loose, more acidic poos. Wonder balm can help with warm pink cheeks or drool rashes on bubs chin, as well as protecting bubs bottom. Many babies and toddlers like the feeling of being close and secure when they are feeling the discomforts of teething. Babywearing in a carrier or sling can keep bub close and still allow parents to get things done. Try wearing a natural silicone mummy necklace too, to distract your little one from their teeth!

Take a big breath of patience and you are ready to get through the weeks and months of teething!