Iconic Doll Accessories Kit


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Let your child's imagination come to life with the Iconic Doll Accessories Kit. 


Both boys and girls love to engage in role play and dolls are a great part of that creative play. While we woud love for them to stay youg forever, they won't, and our little ones love nothing more than playing like their mums and dads! 


These beautiful wooden pieces are everything your little one's baby could ever need to tend to their doll's needs.


Ideally suited to children who are 3+


The kit includes:


1 x Small bowl

1 x Toy

1x Comb + Hair Brush

1 x Toy Plate

1 x Large Bottle

1 x Sippy Cup

1 x Spoon + Fork

1 x Teether Toy

1 x Clip-on Pacifier


Please note that this is for pretend play only. Not intended to be used with real food or water.