Hug-a-Bub Organic Mesh Ring Slings


The Hugabub Mesh Ring Sling is versatile and quick, snug and fashionable. The open tail offers sun protection in hotter months and allows discreet breast-feeding in public. The sling is easy to machine wash and shade or tumble dry. This compact slim design fits easily into a nappy bag or handbag when not in use. 100% cotton with aluminium rings.

Hold Your Baby Close In A Sling!

  • Mesh Ring Slings supports your baby's weight and draws baby's into your body to become part of your weight as you carry your baby
  • It’s ideal for shorter periods of carrying your child, while taking a walk or doing the shopping and its quick and easy
  • Mesh Ring Slings are quick and easy to put on and take off , it’s simple to adjust, and is comfortable, safe and secure
  • Cool in summer and can be worn under your coat in winter and is suitable for infants through to toddlers
  • Light and wide shoulder padding allows the fabric to spread and distribute the weight appropriately
  • The Ring Sling can be used comfortably during pregnancy with bub on your hip
  • Enjoy genuinely hands free carrying with this all-purpose carrier as well as being visually stylish with beautiful colours to accessorise any outfit