Freestyle Grid Bamboo Muslin Body Cloth



Flynny+Mitch Exclusive Bamboo Cotton Body Cloths are the perfect reusable toilet wipe or baby wipe. They are extremely soft and won't scratch even the most delicate of bottoms.


At 30cm x 30cm square, they suit any size behind and are perfect for scrunchers and folders.

  • Australian designed
  • 70% bamboo 30% cotton

Why use a reusable wipe?

  • Helps ration your existing toilet paper supply
  • Ideal for large families with children
  • A low-cost, long term solution that saves you time and money
  • Our super-soft wipes are perfect for elderly users as they are gentle on fragile skin
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you won't run out of essential supplies

So how do you use them?

Use them just as you would toilet paper. Some customers prefer to use them slightly damp. Once used, rinse out and put in an empty bucket ready for washing.

Do not leave them soaking in water once used and machine wash/line dry daily.

Each cloth comes with its own loop, so they can be easily hung on a hook ready for use.

DIY Baby Wipes

To use them as baby wipes you will need a sealed airtight container, fresh water and a few drops of an essential oil such as lavender and chamomile. Add some water to your container, just enough to dampen your cloths. Then add a few drops of your essential oil. Place cloths into the container and make sure they are all damp. Ensure lid seals to keep cloths moist.

To protect your newborn babies skin it is recommended that essential oils only be used for babies over 6 weeks of age.