Fairytale Snuggle Fox Blankie


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This adorable fox will become your Little Chiefs favourite from the moment they see it. It's excellent for snuggling, soothing and cuddling. A variety of silky-soft fabrics create a velvety feel unlike any other.

The Fairytale Snuggle Fox Blankie features amazingly lush fabrics on the topside layer, paired with a rich contrasting flannel-type designed lining on the underside. The design features eyes that are embroidered and edges that have satin-like trim and taggies. Every edge of the blankie features colourful ribbons and satin-like fabrics for added comfort and enjoyment. Its hefty size is great for little ones yearning for a nap-time companion.

Great for encouraging self-soothing and sensory exploration. The blanket measures 40.5cm x 40.5cm square. 

Suitable for ages: Newborn and up