Child's Amber Necklace - Honey Love 33cm


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  • 100% Baltic amber beads
  • Lightweight and warm against skin
  • Traditional remedy

Amber Love Baltic Amber Teething Necklace - Honey Love is a genuine Baltic amber necklace with warm, light golden honey coloured amber beads.

Baltic amber isn’t a stone, it’s actually fossilised tree resin or tree sap, and it’s over 50 million years old. Genuine Baltic amber is only found in the region of the Baltic Sea. It’s lightweight, and it’s warm against your skin, so it feels lovely to wear.

Traditionally, Baltic amber has been used for centuries to help with numerous ailments, including teething discomfort.

Why do we love Amber Love Amber Bead Necklace – Honey Love?

  • genuine Baltic amber
  • individually knotted beads
  • breakaway clasp
  • gently polished, rounded beads

Size: 33cms long